Hi Welcome,  many deals are not found by driving around or looking at newspapers or magazines.  Great deals are found by Realtors on the MLS.   With so many houses/condos/townhouses going  into foreclosure or being offered as a short-sale, a realtor is your best counselor.

1. First, get approved by a bank or mortgage broker.  If you don't have one, I can recommend one. This way  we  know what you can afford.  I don't want you to go over your head.

2. Contact me with what your a looking for.  For example, location, rooms, baths, lot size, & of course price range.

3. Best of all as a buyers I do not charge you a fee for my services.  This fee is paid by the seller.

4. I work for Century 21Trust, recognition and dedication.

5. I don't push homes!!  I give you a selection and you decide which one you like.  I help you get the deal done with the best price so you don't overpay. 

6.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. New properties come into the market everyday. Call or email me at  305-302-3801 or albertm66@comcast.net .  Thank you.

7.  What are you waiting for?  What's the hesitation?   Professional advice and No Fee to   buyers !!!  Remember I give you a list of the best deals in town and then we go see the ones that you like. No obligation !!